Do you also struggle with low storage problems in the smartphone? In such a way, today we have brought some such panacea prescriptions for you, which will be very useful to you. Smartphones are becoming people's lifeline, that's because the user does not like to remove the phone from themselves for a moment. In such a situation, if low-level notifications are received, then the mood will get worse.

To reduce the problem of low storage permanently, one option is to connect the computer to the computer and transfer the file in the phone. Before emptying out the storage and making space in the phone, it is very important to know that after all what are the things that are consuming excessive storage. If you have an Android smartphone then go to Settings> Storage. Here you will get full details of the phone storage, which is the amount of consumption. After this, remove any unnecessary things you need to remove from the phone first.

1) Clear the Cache

The Cache file should be removed from time to time, doing so creates a little space in the phone. Cache of apps that are used repeatedly begins to accumulate This may also be a main reason for having smartphone slovers and storage problems in the phone.

2) Delete unwanted application delete

If you want to increase storage, first remove those apps in the phone, which you do not use or say that is not necessary for you. Removing the idle application from the phone will make a place in the phone, but sometimes the cache file remains after the application is removed, so it is advisable to regularly delete them from the phone.

3) cloud storage

If you are also struggling with low-storage problems in your smartphone, then cloud storage can be a great option. Many smartphones already have apps like Google Drive and Dropbox pre-installed. You can choose any of these options. You can easily upload photos, music, and video files in cloud storage. One advantage of cloud storage is also to upload the file once and then you can access it from anywhere.

4) Clear the internal storage

Apart from clearing the cache, there is also an option to move the photos, music and video files in the inbuilt storage to the MicroSD card. In many smartphones, there is an option to move apps to MicroSD card, let us know that you have to go to Settings> App. Doing so will keep the phone in inbuilt storage for a little space.

5) Delete WhatsApp Media Delete

Photos and videos that come in Facebook instant messaging app WhatsApp are saved in the phone. Many times, if this file does not appear in the gallery, then you have to go to Internal storage> Whatsapp> Media. Apart from this, you will also get an option of WhatsApp Video in the media, where you will see a folder of video sent to WhatsAppSet. After this, you have to decide that you do not need anything that you need to delete.

A tip more

Sometimes it happens that when we need to download anything we need to get it downloaded but after some time we forget that the file is reducing our phone's storage. In this case, it is important to see if the file is not your work, either remove it or move it from internal storage to MicroSD card. 

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